The Hampshire Property market

Lucy Winfield

Here at Private Property Search we have managed to identify and exchange contracts on a number of great houses and a couple of very significant pieces of farmland during the traditional summer period, traditionally a time when many people would assume that the property market is dead, with many possible buyers on summer holidays or out of the country. The housing market is definitely less seasonal now and our clients are no longer only active during two periods of the year. Naturally there are busy periods and quieter times, but this is more likely to be driven by major economic events or the right house being available, rather than whether they are on holiday or whether there is a beauty parade of lovely houses launching.

45% of the property which we bought last year for our clients was acquired pre-market without any formal publicising and so without our assistance, our clients wouldn’t have known about their availability. The market may now be turning in favour of good old style agency practices, rather than choosing the agents with the whizziest websites and just leaving the selling to chance…. In my personal view, this is a positive adjustment for the estate agency sector as a whole, allowing experienced professionals with a proven track-record, offering solid advice, to shine through. Many of our clients are time poor, so fall on us to do a lot of the filtering rather than waste their time viewing the wrong things. Others just recognise the value in employing their own independent advice, realising that the selling agents are working for the sellers and their best interests alone. It would be quite odd to invest a comparable level of money into the stock exchange without taking advice from an expert pair of hands.

Having lived and worked in this immediate locality myself for approximately seven years, both buying and selling, there are few properties in the Hampshire/Wiltshire borders which are unfamiliar to me. Our whole team is made up of equally experienced property professionals and when we are advising our clients on a property’s suitability or value, its best attributes and its negative aspects, this broader understanding is key. Here at PPS we use our extensive network of contacts to root out your dream home and use our excellent local knowledge to negotiate a price that is right.

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