“Looking to buy in 2017? Be prepared and be advised to be successful.

Rupert Coles

Rupert Coles, from Private Property Search, Strutt & Parker’s Independent Buying Consultancy discusses some of the lessons he learnt in 2016 -  
When is a garden not a garden? When it’s still officially a field. Believe it or not, this is not necessarily an obvious distinction on face value for some, but can make a huge difference to extensions and the outside space you desire….particularly tennis courts. We have saved clients valuable time, fees, energy and momentum by keeping them on top of their game.

SHLA -  Strategic Housing Land Availability Assessment. The hidden homework being carried out by a local authority that throws surprising results as to where new build homes may crop up.  This is not automatically available via normal channels and we have been able to protect our clients and their assets, so they do not end up screaming when their open view disappears.

Guide Price – Oxford dictionary states guide means ‘direct or influence the behaviour of’ i.e. may not reflect value. Beware. Be prepared. Take your own view, not that of the Vendors agent who is working only for his client. Be professionally guided and the journey will be a successful one.

4G – Used to mean 4 ponies in the paddock, now means you can all work and play at home uninterrupted by buffering. Some surprising spots have superfast access or may be getting it. Better connectivity massively opens up the market.

‘Brump’ – As in ‘Trump plus Brexit’ means a bumpy road for consumer confidence. Political and economic uncertainty is having an impact on supply countrywide – less for sale and higher demand pressuring the current market with many selling agents buying their business.”

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