Get a head start this summer

Victoria Hall


Every year, many London families have a similar lifestyle debate: when is the best time leave the convenience of the city and make the migration south? Should they go down the A3, A24 and M3 corridor into Surrey for a better quality of lifestyle like many of their friends and colleagues before them?

Often education makes this decision simple for some, with a child’s school place dictating the time and location of the move. The need to be settled into a new home before the start of the school year in September then becomes even more essential.

Before the spring rush, therefore, savvy buyers should plan ahead and start the house hunting process early. No one wants to be caught off guard and left in a position of having to do the school run to and from London each day.

I would advise that it’s always best to secure a buyer who understands your timescale from the outset, enabling you to be in the most advantageous position to move to your next home and avoid disappointment. As the second home stamp duty takes its toll, for most, gone are the days when you can keep your London home as a long term rental investment.

Not only managing your property sale, for many, moving to an unfamiliar area can be daunting and with busy lifestyles this is when many buyers seek advice from a buying agent. They can provide accurate, unbiased knowledge on where and what to buy. Competition for properties close to the best local schools can be fierce, particularly when oversubscribed schools sometimes have admission policies which can favour those living closest – and this pushes up prices. Many parents take a sensible long-term view and consider these homes as a good investment, not just for their children’s education but also from a financial point of view for the future. Homes in school catchments are therefore always in high demand, so having a buying agent helps you see these exclusive homes before anyone else.

Throughout my career, I have seen families’ paying over the odds for homes and buyers rushed into deals that weren’t their initial brief due to time pressure. At PPS, we make sure that you have access to properties both on the market and privately available. Through our network of connections, we  are able to give you a real insight into the property market and key understanding of the area that would otherwise be kept behind closed doors.

If you are contemplating a move for the new school year, think carefully about your timing. Get yourself into a more favourable purchasing position by speaking to a buying agent and discover a world of unknown properties.

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